Synapse alternatives?

New SignalRGB user. Just built a new pc and found SignalRGB and it seems like a really innovative way to use RGB. I’m having issues with SRGB picking up my GMMK compact keyboard and EK:WB Nucleus 360 (fans and CPU waterblock leds, did a couple “custom strips” and they work fine) as well as SRGB having a conflict with Synapse as I use a Tartarus Pro and a Basilisk mouse. I figured it would cause issues with Synapse, and the mouse and Tartarus started into seizure mode with the strobing leds.

I’m going to eventually pick up a Razer kb, prob the black widow v4, so I’d like to get the Synapse issue sorted. I uninstalled Synapse (fixed the strobing leds) but now i can’t change bindings for mouse buttons, manage macros, etc.

So I guess my appeal for help is this, how can i manage keybinds without Synapse, or is there a way to make Synapse and SignalRGB play nice, or did i just waste my money on paying a full year of SignalRGB? This community seems very active and helpful, so my fingers are crossed.


I think there’s currently a community contribution in progress to add support for the blackwidow v4. Official devs are progresively adding mouse button remapping for different brands to the already possible keyboard remapping using the “Macros” pro feature, apparently razer’s hooks run pretty deep but I’ve faith they’ll crack it.