Which rgb controller should I use?/Other questions


I am about to upgrade my PC and have a few questions about compatibility/recommendations.

  • If I have compatible fans, motherboard, but my controller inst listed on the site,
    can I still use the controller to avoid having to use an rgb splitter?
    I am planning on purchasing the Cooler Master SickleFlow 62 CFM 120 mm Fans, and NZXT H9 Flow ATX case. I would like to fill out all of the fan slots so using less fans isn’t really an option. For my motherboard I have the MSI PRO B650-P WIFI ATX AM5 Motherboard which I also cant change as I purchased it with a bundle and am not sure about the return policy. For my budget I was looking at about 20-60 dollars for 9-10 a-rgb ports. I have been looking at the zalman z sync controller and have found a listing at ta reasonable price, though the controller only has 8 slots so I would need to use a splitter for two fans which defeats the purpose of using signal rgb’s custom profiles. My other option I have seen is the Gelid Solutions Amber 8 Pro which I got from this post here Reddit - Dive into anything. This controller would be perfect to have as it has the 10 ports I need along with PWM ports for fan power. Even though it is from the official sub, when I checked the website for signal rgb compatibility, it was not listed. Please comment your recommendations while considering my criteria

  • Secondarily, I was planning on buying the NZXT Kraken 360 AIO, which is good for the price, though when I checked the signal rgb site to see if it was compatible I saw that the other nzxt coolers like the z73 are compatible, while the newer kraken 360 was not. I am assuming that this is because the z73 has the older nzxt fans with the outer ring rgb, while the kraken 360 has the updated fans with blade rgb. Though if the cooler is unsupported, I am concerned the the nzxt cam rgb software may fight for control with signal rgb. Do any of you know what would be the right pick? I’m not really wanting to upgrade to the z73 because of the near 100$ price jump though. If i need to switch could you please recommend me other aio’s with LCD’s.

Thank you for your time readying this post, and hopefully thank you for your kind recommendations.

If your getting Coolermaster fans…
The Coolermaster ARGB controller is GEN2, as well as I believe all of their fans…

What this means is you can daisy chain the GEN 2 fans on 1 port of the controller and still be able to address each fan individually (upto a set amount of LEDs so check controller /fan specs - I think it’s 60 from memory) - this is the only gen2 controller currently supported in signal.

Some cooler master AIO coolers are also gen2 - I just got the 240 illusion for my boys build which includes a 3 port gen2 controller, left me with spare ports as I daisy chained the fans and pump which is also gen2