What Fans to Buy

I am doing some upgranding to my current setup to pass down parts to my daughter.

Currently I am running:
Lian Li 011 evo xl case
CORSAIR iCUE H100i ARGB PRO XT but will be moving to a CORSAIR iCUE LINK H150i RGB Cooler
Corsair Vengeance ARGB Pro 32GB RAM
Super Flower Leadex III Gold ARGB PRO 850W Power Supply

I will have 3 fans in the bottom, 3 in the side and 3 in the cooler (may go to 6 3 above and 3 below) I would like them all to match. I also want them all to act as their own device so I have 3 razer chroma controllers ready to go.

I like the look on the Lian Li UNI Fan SL-Infinity fans but I have also been looking at the Corsair iCUE LINK QX120 because the cooler I am getting already has them and I would only need 2 more sets vs 3 of the Lian Li’s. I’d like the fans to have both side LEDs and center LEDs. I don’t think one fan is better or worse than the other so basing all this off of looks.

I am curious to hear everyones thoughts.