Watercooler rise mode

Hi, could you help me with support ?

  • Water Cooler Rise Mode Black 240mm ARGB - RM-WCB-04-ARGB
  • Keyboard Redragon Surara PRO - K582RGB-PRO
  • Kit 3 Fans Gamer Rise Mode Energy ARGB - RM-02-RGB-5V

Both WaterCooler and Fans can be configured as components: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RNgpw1h9Ygg

For the keyboard you’ll need to flash a QMK firmware: https://docs.signalrgb.com/qmk/srgbmods-qmk-firmware

QMK correspoding to your keyboard: QMK-Binaries/QMK+Default-Firmware/0.15.12-sonix/redragon_k582_default.bin at main · SRGBmods/QMK-Binaries · GitHub