Using Razer Synapse & Nahimic with SignalRGB

I must use Synapse with my mouse to control it. I disabled it when I installed SignalRGB and for the most part it went pretty well recognized the Chroma ARGB Controller keyboard mouse bungie v3 motherboard RAM everything connected. Proceeded and configured the layout and saved it.

1st problem my Phanteks Fans (M25-140 x 6) were not recognized as individual fans and not supported yet but I was able to create a led strip and get them all lite. I searched for and found some cables to hook each fans directlty to an additional Chroma ARGB Controller which I believe will fix my problem. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

It was a bit of a learning curve but the videos were very helpful.

2nd Problem
After a restart and opening SignalRGB I noticed some notification. 1 warning in red (critical) "Razer Synapse 3 exe is conflicting and needs to be disabled. When I do I loose binding the keys and ability to switch DPI’s on the fly. Not good.

So what do I do? I need Razer Synapse Installed for desktop and gaming.

3rd Problem
Another notification says (yellow) warning Nahimic is know to interfere with xyz… Disable
I assumed simple fix went into services and disabled Nahimic then restarted.
Wow that wacked everything nothing was as setup all colors changed layout changed and SignalRGB lost connection with the little pyramid ! Icon over the Razer mouse, keyboard, chroma ARGB Controller, bungie v3 and all RAM just disappeared. Now SIGnalRGB won’t let me do anything to the devices with the pyramid ! Icon over them.

4th Problem
One more notification fix which was done at the same time as the above
3rd notification suggested I needed to set the SignalRGB app to run as administrator again an easy fix from within the containing folder of the desktop shortcut I right click then properties then Compatibility tab set admin and apply.
Along with the above (Prob 3) when I restarted now SignalRGB doesn’t start with windows certainly not what I expected,

I’m about ready to uninstall and forget it, but just in case i did something stupid and or misunderstood the notification or there is a simple fix I have to ask If anyone can help?
It would be greatly appreciated.

How can I use Synapse with SignalRGB and everybody happy?
How do I get SignalRGB to recognize things again? and allow me to reconfigure.
How do I get SignalRGB to start with windows again?
How can I disable Nahimic without stopping SignalRGB from starting?

Main Components
Phanteks Eclipse G500A|Asus ROG Crosshair VIII Hero|3900x|4x8 Trident Royal Z 3600CL16|XFX RX 6900XT Speedster Zero EKWB|Corsair HX850|WD SN850 2TB (OS)

I’m not an offiical rep here or from Phanteks, but I ran into some of the same problems as a new user.

1st problem: I recommend telling SignalRGB that you’re using something similar like the Phanteks 120 SK. Size and model don’t matter a whole lot with simple aRGB devices, it’s more about the layout and LED count. You can scale the fan up a little bit in layout if you like. The fans are supported, but they’re not explicitly named. If you want to build your own component device files, the Support section has instructions in the Developer Plugins section, but I recommend using the component generator over at SRGBmods(dot)net. Custom LED Strip Component Generator There’s a learning curve, but it’s not quite as steep as hand building with the current documentation.

2nd problem: If you turn off Synapse’s LED lighting or set it to go dark or 0,0,0 for anything that you’re not going to configure in SignalRGB, you can still use the app. It’ll complain about it, but you can tell it to ignore that and also tell it to stop forcing Synapse to close. Check the Settings section with the gear icon at the bottom of SignalRGB, under Windows settings. If you see flickering LEDs, like they’re switching between two different effects, it’s probably a conflict.

3rd problem: that’s really weird! Nahimic is part of the Realtek audio driver package. I don’t have any useful suggestions. I have my onboard audio disabled in UEFI since I use USB speakers.

4th problem: Try setting compatibility back to its original setting. Make sure SignalRGB is closed, then shift+right click the shortcut for it and choose Run As Administrator. Windows should prompt you with the UAC prompt (User Account Control) and run it. You shouldn’t have to run it as admin every time once the program fixes whatever settings needed admin access. Setting things to run as admin can do some weird stuff because your normal Windows session is a separate one, and it can keep you from even seeing the program run. It has to be run in “interactive mode” for you to see the icon and, well, interact with it. It’s probably starting up as admin and running in the background in a session you can’t see as a regular user.

Also, don’t be shy about reaching out to the support team. It takes some time for them to respond, but they took the time to respond to me when I had questions about creating a component .JSON file, and even took the time to read the file I sent them and tell me what was wrong with it. I feel like we’re helping them as much as they’re helping us, because it’s refining the product for other users as well.

Thank You for the thoughtful and measured response. After messing with it quit extensively I had to uninstall. The most frustrating part installing SignalRGB is I went the extra measure by formatting and reloading windows and not installing any of the lighting apps including Synapse only to end up with these issues. Most of what you say here rings true. I saw the flickering and conflicts. I’m onboard helping them help me and making it better for those that follow. I’ll reinstall to see where I get with your suggestions when I have a block of time to do it. Again TY