Trouble installing SignalRGB "installation has failed"

Hey everyone!
I have downloaded the installer multiple times and installed all of the Visual C++ Runtime Redistributables.
I have no other RGB Software installed on my PC
I still get this error when I start the installer:

Does someone know how to fix this?

Here is the log file (partly in german, sorry about that):

Logfile on Pastebin:

Make sure signal isn’t running when you’re trying to install this executable. Additionally, it looks like I’m seeing a ‘bad crc’ message. Where did you download this? Make sure and use versions from

Hey, thanks for your reply.
I never installed SignalRGB successfully and I checked if it is already installed so it doesn’t run while I’m trying to install it.
I downloaded the installer just by clicking on “Download now” on the SignalRGB website.

I’d try to reboot, download it again with a different browser and run the installer with admin rights (right-click → Run as Administrator) and disable your anti-virus while doing so.

Furthermore make sure that you at least have 1gig of free space on your system drive C:

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Thank you! Acronis Cyber Protect was the problem. I downloaded it fine, but executing the installer only worked when the security was turned off. Thanks!

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Great that it’s working now! :partying_face:

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