The light brightness is considerably weaker on a particular component

I have an Asus 670-e board and I have a CoolerMaster 360 AIO RGB connected to the board. When I was using the default Aura Sync to light them up, they would light up considerably brighter. All of my other components such as my GPU and my RAM as just as bright as they were on their respective default light controls which adds to how uneven everything looks. I have tried making out the brightness controls for that particular component in SignalRGB but they are maxed out. Its as though it has been scaled down to about 25%. All help is greatly appreciated.

So, have you tried switching back to the default color wipe to test whether it’s in fact SignalRGB glitching, or whether that device’s LED Hardware is failing?

This really sounds like an issue with the specific LEDs at fault. Poor Quality control during the manufacturing of the device could have caused poorly attached and wired components leading to damage of the LEDs themselves through standard use. Other failures to display colors correctly are often of the same origin as well.

Though if through other means of setting the LED lighting routines they work as you’d expect I guess It would be SignalRGB. Though that’s an incredibly odd issue to be caused by code.

Further information like how your aRGB connectors are connected could be useful. Like are they going straight to the motherboard aRGB headers? Or are they going to other intermediaries first?

Yes I did. It goes super bright on not only the default Aura Sync but I also tried OpenRGB and it makes it really bright too. I may not even be explaining it correctly, its not just that it is not as bright, its that it isn’t even filling up the light is some spots as though it is not getting enough juice. It’s ashamed because Signal really did an excellent job in syncing all of the devices together but anything plugged into the motherboard that previously used Aura Sync (coolermaster 360 AIO) is really dull.

But to answer your question, the device is plugged into the MBs 5v aRGB and the device has a splitter to plug the pump and the 3 fans lights into. Its the light on the pump that is especially dull. I even tried to “trick” Signal into accepting the brightness by changing it using Open and then going back to Signal but as soon and you send a command through Signal, it goes back to being dull.

Naw I get what you mean now. I guess Im just lucky all mine work in the same way since they are wired into a bridge interface then to the my ARGB header. So they run parallel instead of in series. It sounds like your devices are also, right? So you basically set one routine and every different device gets the same lighting routine since they are running off the one plug?

I dont know enough about the technicals of how these things would work, but I’d would think you’d need separate headers per device to have different light settings per device anyways right? Anyways, excuse me, I likely cannot be of any more help. I just let my curiousity get the best of me lol.

Guess you may have to wait for a proper authority to come around and give you instructions on how to send them data so they can fix compatibility. Then hopefully someone who knows better will come and reply to my inquiry too Dx There’s not a whole lot of action here in this forum.

I figured it out! My own dumb fault. When you first start up SignalRGB, it will recognize that there are several devices plugged into your motherboard and it asks you to create a profile and to edit the amount of LEDs. If you leave this as default, it will not light up all of the lights on your device. This time I gave each fan and the pump its own profile and maxed out the LEDs on it and voila! It looks as it should!