The Blackwidow 75% still isn't working

You guys closed the support thread. You said it was fixed, its not. What’s going on?

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I have two users confirmation with video that the device it’s working, if your unit is having issues, could you please post the console log so I can check?

Just in case, What steps do I take to get it working. Is there a file I’m supposed to use or is it just fixed. I rebooted signal a few times and it doesn’t do anything to the keyboard in default mode. It doesn’t even come up in the signal software…

On the device post, there’s a link for the device merge request that you can download the file or you can enable beta, restart and Signal will download the file for you.

I switched on beta… Then restarted, it then had an update. Now it works! Thank you!! Only problem now is, the scroll wheel isn’t controlling the volume, its scrolling the page.

I’ve noticed the scroll wheel and media keys aren’t working. Did you get the media keys to work on your end?

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I’ve found if you leave Razer synapse on, it doesn’t affect anything and everything works as it should. Try that.

Yeah, but the RGB just flashes periodically while synapse is on. Can’t find a fix for it.

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Unplug the keyboard and plug it back in. Mine works fine. Reboot the computer. Try a different USB port

The lighting has been fixed with the latest Signal update, however I have the same issue as @teriteri now that the 3 media keys aren’t working anymore.

The volume scroller doesn’t control the volume but only scrolls pages like a mousewheel. The mute and pause/play buttons don’t do anything.

When I open Synapse everything is working again but then the RGB start flashing randomly because Synapse tries to take over the lighting from Signal and I don’t know how to fix that.

Plugging the keyboard into a different port doesn’t help. Do you have any custom lighting profile in Synapse @Goat ?

I’ll have to look, I think I do. But mine works fine with synapse open.

It does have a flicker to it while synapse is on. So , it does need a fix for the volume scroll wheel and media buttons. Other wise it looks amazing.

ok relieved to hear we all have the same problems

Razer_Modern_Keyboard.js (89.4 KB)
Can you guys try this rework?

It did the same thing the other files did. But the volume works, the keyboard just has random lights. If you can get the volume and media buttons to work we would be golden.

Now for me anyhow its working perfectly when Synapse is on. NO flickering and the media keys work.

I lied. I have 2 Razer apps, I had the old one open that doesn’t affect signal. The volume wasn’t working, Now I have the newer synapse open and it does flicker still. Its intermittent tho. Hopefully you guys can figure this out. You’re greatly appreciated nonetheless!

I’ll be closing this topic for now, but a new rewrite file where all current keyboards work is being worked on. If I need some tester, I’ll contact you guys.

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