T-Force RAM Can be forced, but won't animate

RAM: T-Force DDR5 6000 2x16GB - FF4D596G6800HC36DDC01
Motherboard: MSI B760 GAMING PLUS WIFI
CPU i5-13600KF
GPU: Gigabyte 4070 Super (not yet supported)

Issue: one of the DIMMs will not animate, the other one will just fine, but the one closest to the CPU will freeze on a random color pattern. On reboot, they will both rainbow animate until SignalRGB starts up, then it will freeze in another random color pattern (not rainbow). If I select that DIMM manually, it will turn blue (selected) and stay that way. I can force it to a solid color, but when then will freeze in a random pattern once the animation is re-enabled. The Shutdown color works fine.

Steps Taken: No other RGB software installed. I’ve swapped the DIMMS and its always the DIMM closest to the CPU socket that freezes.


Resolved. Followed steps to completely reset system and it worked. Shutdown, removed power cord, held power button, re-inserted power cord, restarted. This may be documented somewhere, but this should be step one for any RGB DIMM troubleshooting.

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