Supported ARGB Controllers

What is the right choice for your setup?


  • In general they will NOT allow you to individually address the fans/strips that are connected to it, all effects/colors will just be cloned to all connected devices.
  • They still need a supported controller (supported mainboard or ARGB controller) to work.
Do not purchase a hub unless you already have a supported motherboard or controller. It will not function unless it can be connected to a supported controller.

ARGB Controllers

  • Allows you to individually control the lighting of all connected fans/strips
  • In general they are connected via internal USB 2.0 header to your mainboard. (Your mainboard does not have to be a supported device in this case!)

Supported ARGB Controllers

¹ Warning: Multiple same model controllers may not work due to hardware limitations.

For all of the above we highly recommend acquiring a NZXT internal USB hub to help with connecting them to the mother