Support Glorious Model O 2 wired

I wanted to suggest support the Glorious Model O 2 Wired mouse. It’s a hit among gamers for its lightweight design and precision. Supporting it could boost SignalRGB visibility in the gaming world.
thank you.

We need USB captures to support a device, can you get USB captures and send them to us?

1- Install Wireshark and the USBPcap module

2- Start capturing your USB

3- Open the manufacturer’s software

4- Select the mode to change the device zones to a single color and the color we want is Light Blue: #2FACED

5- Optionally set a single zone or key to one of those colors while the rest is black

6- Close the manufacturer’s software

7- Stop the capture on Wireshark and save the capture

8- Create a new Issue tracker and attach the capture file along with the device info: Issues · SignalRgb / Signal Plugins · GitLab

Thank you

Glorious Model O 2 wired USB Capture (#421) · Issues · SignalRgb / Signal Plugins · GitLab
Thank you

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just wanted to add myself to the request, i have the model O- (minus), which i guess does probably use the same signal as the O 2


@seb please follow the steps above :)))))