Support for regular PNY rtx 4070

Would be very nice to have support for the regular PNY rtx 4070. I see there is support for the rtx 4070ti and higher but not for the regular 4070. Full product name: PNY Geforce RTX 4070 XLR8 Gaming VERTO EPIC-X RGB Triple Fan.
I got a screenshot for the product name in SignalRGB

Try this: Run SignalRGB, then click here →, put the following file there and next click this →

PNY_XLR8_Lovelace_GPU.js (4.6 KB)

Thnx for the replay.
It doesn’t work. The colors are flickering. I get the following errors: Device.color: out of bounds error. Coordinate (0,0) is out of range.

This model has been added. Check the beta for latest update, you can enable beta from your settings page.