Support for MSI GeForce RTX 4060 Ti GAMING X SLIM 16G, 16GB GDDR6

Hello I recently purchased this GPU. It uses Mystic Lights and is adressable by MSI’s software. I control all my devices using your software and would like to add my GPU.

Post the Product ID that you can find on this page on the bottom part

I don’t see any Product ID. I see only this:

MSI_Lovelace_Series_GPU.js (10.5 KB)
Can you try the attached file, please?
Place the file on Plugins folder: and restart SignalRGB

Well this works but it has only 1 addressable zone. Is it possible to update it?

Thank you

so 16. 12. 2023 v 17:00 odesílatel Guilherme Candido Farias da Silva via SignalRGB <> napsal:

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No possible due to firmware limitation.