Support for Kolink Umbra ARGB Fan Controller

I have a Kolink Umbra ARGB Fan Controller in my new gaming pc. SignalRGB detects all the other RGB devices, but misreads this as a Lian Li Uni Fan SL V2.

Any likelyhood of the Umbra controller being added to SignalRGB?


We never heard of this controller, are you able to send actual pictures of the hub and a screenshot of this page ?


This is the ARGB fan controller that isn’t detected.

As a new user, I have to send only one file per message.


First part of the screenshot.

And the second. I think the problem controller is the last one, manufacturer of Kolink, my computer case is a KOlink Observatory Mesh. As far as I know, Kolink are based in Germany.
If I can help further, or test a new version, please let me know.


Sorry, forgot to attach the picture!

Hmm, interesting… We will need USB captures from that controller, they indeed shame the same PID.
How to do USB capture:
1- Install Wireshark and the USBPcap module
2- Start capturing your USB
3- Open the manufacturer’s software
4- Select the mode to change the device zones to a single color and the color we want is Light Blue: #2FACED
5- Optionally set a single zone or key to one of those colors while the rest is black
6- Close the manufacturer’s software
7- Stop the capture on Wireshark and save the capture
8- Create a new Issue tracker and attach the capture file along with the device info: Issues · SignalRgb / Signal Plugins · GitLab