Support for Corsair K70 Pro Mini Wireless

Hey all! First post here! I reg’d to request support for my favorite gaming keeb to date (I collect and customize mechanical keyboards as a hobby so I have quite a collection!) Corsair’s K70 Pro Mini Wireless! The Part Number for these boards is CH-9189111 if that helps. I actually bought this board because it was Corsair and all my other peripherals are Corsair, and I figured it would work out of the box. :sweat_smile:

We don’t support the wireless mode yet because of the Dongle, since Corsair is using the same dongle for all wireless. We will be working to support Corsair devices on the dongle on the future.

Ah, gotcha! I figured it was something like that. Does the wireless mode interfere with the wired functionality? As in, might we have support for wired mode first and then wireless later? :hushed:

I mean, that would be really great but understandable if not possible currently. :sweat_smile:

It should already work on wired mode :+1:

Really? :open_mouth:

When I plug mine in, it stays on a saved profile or goes dark. :thinking:

Should I uninstall SignalRGB and do a clean reinstall? I’m not too keen on losing my layouts for my devices but if it means my keyboard will light up in sync the rest of my gear, it’ll be worth it! :sweat_smile:

Edit: Also, when the kb is plugged in, SignalRGB doesn’t show it in the devices. :hushed:

2nd edit: BTW, I appreciate your time and replies! :grin:

3rd edit: Thought I’d try unplugging the wireless and then using the USB-C cable only. The keyboard still didn’t show up in the devices section.

Hmm, I would say you have a non ANSI version, can you check the keyboard PID on this page?

It says 0x1bd3 - I bought from Corsair’s US site and it is the North American version of the keyboard. :smile: