Support for Corsair H115i Elite?

Just installed SignalRGB and all my Corsair devices show up except for the Corsair H115i Elite. I checked compatibility list and I see H110i Elite but no H115i Elite. Why is there no driver/plugin for the H115i Elite yet? Is it planned?

Corsair H100I (Elite, Elite Capellix, Platinum, Platinum SE, Pro XT)

Corsair H115I (Elite Capellix, Platinum, Pro XT)

Corsair H150I (Elite Capellix, Pro XT)

Corsair H170I Elite Capellix

Corsair H60I Pro XT

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could we have any news about those lovely Aio’s from Corsair we have please ?
Have a nice day.

@theotherhigh Could you send a screenshot of your AIO Product ID from this link ?
Also, can you specify the exact model? There’s Elite, Elite RGB, Elite Capellix and so on…