Support for all 4 LEDS on Nvidia graphics card (Gigabyte)

I have a Gigabyte RTX 3080 12 GB Gaming OC

I love the software. It lets all my devices work together with creative effects etc.

And I believe you are using Nvidia calls to do this looking at console.

You only have one LED for the card. So the bar and logo changes at the same time eventhough there are 4 indepented LEDS. I have temporarly installed the Gigabyte software, and set up a custom color pattern in thier Command Center version of the ARGB software to show this.

This video shows there are 4 LEDs on this card.
ARGB is all about asthetics, so I am looking to have my Signal RGB PRO support all 4 LEDs.

I suspect there have to be lots of other cards where is is the issue. Thanks

Short video of 4 LED color shift on this card.


This is a firmware limitation, you could head to our Plugin server and open a thread for your card, we will need some captures to check if it’s possible to individual control on direct mode.

Join our Plugin Server at SignalRGB Plugin Test Server and assign the “Gigabyte” role to your account and check the #gpu-testing channel

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