Stream Deck lag when running Signal

So recently, Ive noticed my stream deck lagging when SRGB is running. There will be a delay in preforming the action/function/etc once button is pressed. Even if the commanded action does occur, the image on the button will be either stuck trying to switch icons, or if i switch pages, the icons images will “stick” even if i move to another page where the same button has another function/icon. If i quit SRGB the lag stops and the Stream Deck is very responsive once again. I have tried to download several older versions of stream deck software with the same results. I have also reinstalled SRGB, does anyone have any other ideas as to how I can correct this…has anyone else experienced this? Any help would be appreciated

I think I recall you asking about this in Signal’s discord server and talking to a device developer. To add to whatever could have been said in that conversation.
SignalRGB lighting effects work by continuously sending color data to all supported devices, sometimes up to 33 times/s , so it’s no wonder that some USB host controllers may have trouble redirecting all that traffic timely on top of all the usual USB data traffic consisting of mouse movements, keyboard keystrokes, your webcam video, DACs audio, etc.
Making sure your motherboard BIOS and chipset drivers are fully up to date might help, as well as trying to find a USB port that belongs to a potentially less crowded root hub.
Nonetheless, backend devs are always looking for ways to optimize performance and reduce resource usage (that includes USB traffic) so I’d say it’s reasonable to expect improvements in this regard in a not very distant future. :crossed_fingers: