Stop Signal Updating?

in recent weeks signal stopped loading, the splash screen came up and then says ‘starting core’ and nothing happens.

ive tried updating the software and still the same. Ive found that if i unistall the program and use an old version of the installer it works again. However the next time i use the program the original problem happens again as it seems to automatically update.

Is there any way to stop signal from updating automatically? i just want the old version to work so i can get playing games with my very expensive light setup working!

any help would be much appreciated, i’m a very casual pc user so a simple fix is what i’m after otherwise i’ll be cancelling my subscription and going back to Razer - WHICH I DONT WANT TO DO!

thanks in advance

I would suggest to try update your Installation from the website, that bug has been fixed already.

thanks for the response - as i mentioned above i’ve already tried using the most up to date version of the software to no avail.

Does anyone else have any suggestions ?

What about our beta?

You can join the beta from this link: