Steelseries GG terminating conflict


So I have been getting this issue where Steelseries GG is not initializing correctly.

What I noticed:

When logging in to Windows, I get a lot of Windows UAC notifications requesting permission to kill the process for Steelseries GG. I’ve noticed on SignalRGB I had the notificaiton at the top right aobut closing process for Steelseries. I’ve chosen to ignore it and I went the list of Devices and disabled my Steelseries keyboard (Apex Pro-full). I’ve restarted Windows but still getting a ton of Windows UAC prompts to kill the process for Steelseries and Signal RGB still warns that Steelseries GG is controlling this device, asking for action on this process again, even though I chose to always continue.

At the time of writing I have about 4 UAC prompts waiting to be actioned, but it’s driving me crazy :smiley:

What else needs to be done? I don’t want SignalRGB to control this device just now as Steelseries GG can load my profiles correctly.

Some more info:

I chose to restart SignalRGB from the taskbar and UAC prompts again to kill the task for Steelseries. At this point SteelseriesGG has crashed.

My setup:

Hi, @Droid107

Disable the “Close conflict” feature on Signal settings under “Windows settings”:

It seems that did it. Thanks! I wish I tried before :smiley:

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