Steelseries Arctis 5

[22:31:56] Set size for device to: [3,2]
[22:31:56] Checking for steelseriesGG.exe
[22:31:56] Process Not Found
[22:31:56] Set default position for device to: [145,85]
[22:31:56] Set default scale for device to: 10
[22:31:56] [OPEN] endpoint.interface: 5, endpoint.usage: 0x0001, endpoint.usage_page: 0x000c, endpoint.collection: 0x0000
[22:31:56] Created Leds: 2
[22:31:56] Loaded Led color overrides, count: 0
[22:32:02] Console activated.
[22:32:16] device.write(): hid_write/GetOverlappedResult: (0x0000001F) A device attached to the system is not functioning.

this happens even after fully restarting signalrgb and unplugging and plugging it back in
How can i fix this?