SRGBmods QMK Binaries are Available

Dear ARGB Keyboard owners,

I am proud to announce that for many QMK (RGB Matrix) compatible keyboards (roughly around 400 keyboards) can now be supported much easier with pre-compiled binaries (firmware).

  • This is provided as a service so you do not have to setup a development environment, saving you a lot of time and effort.
  • Latest and greatest versions (Mainline QMK, Sonix, Vial, etc) source repositories.

Steps to Use:

  1. Download your firmware here, we do recommend you use the QMK+VIA-Firmware builds if available for your keyboard.
  2. Flash your firmware, (directions for flashing the firmware are usually provided by your keyboard manufacturer).
  3. Create a plugin (Documentation available here).

One thing of note if you are attempting to use VIA or Vial to configure your keyboard you must quit SignalRGB before running either software and of course quit either before relaunching SignalRGB

Help for any of the steps above can be requested (on Discord in the QMK channels).


Source code is available at the firmware link, as we respect the GPL.