Split an ARGB Gen2 led strip into multiple devices

I installed three MASTERFAN MF120 HALO² fans and a cascaded NOUA ARGB fan directly on the ARGB Gen2 port of the motherbard (without the controller), and I would like to control each of the 4 fans separately, how can I do?
Currently I have configured the 3 Cooler Master fans that are recognized by the application and I created a generic LED tape for the NOUA fan, but being all the fans always connected to the same ARGB Gen2 connector I do not understand how to “divide” the channel into several parts

I have the same issue with my fans, which are scanned as a single rgb-strip - and to make it worse they light up left, then right, then middle.

Same with my LT100 from corsair, which are two rgb-towers left and right from my screen. They show up as a single rgb-band, unusable. Only good for solid color, if they arent seperated.

Where are these preset layoutpieces stored? Can these file be edited?

Forget my post above, i managed to separate my lt100.

Now im in the same boat like you. My gfx holder and the 3 tower-fans are synced. I bought the pc from a store, so i dont know how exactly the connection is, but it seems like i have the same problem with my last 4 components, which behave as one.

I don’t fully understand this, each component added has a individual device on the Layouts:

It seems that connecting stuff direct to the motherboard ARGB, without a hardware-controller-thing between, the detected rgb-strip is addressable, but whatever you choose to split this device into several devices like rgb-holder and fans, they behave as one and sync.

As i had managed to divide my corsair lt100 and the corsair helix pump and vans successfully and felt on the right way, i failed with these 1+3 components, and i assume, that a additional hardware is needed.

Oh I understand now, that means you are using a hub/splitter with those components, Corsair devices works as individual because they works different. You will need a controller to separate your components like the Razer controller https://www.amazon.com/Razer-Chroma-Addressable-Controller-Compatibility/dp/B08K3TYWP6/

I have a razer controller and still run in the same issue, i cannot control my fans individually but they all show as a Strip

Make sure to remove the default strip and add your fans, also note that fans needs to be gen2 or have true daisy-chain to support individual control on a splitter.