Software based device


Is it possible to make a softwared based device with plugin…a virtual device that can host virtual components to be included in a layout.

I have an LCD panel in my build and I’d like the SignalRGB effects to share color data to my software so i can adjust what is being rendered on the screen.

Device/plugins seem to be very tied to USB devices. I dont really want to entertain writing a usb driver to accomplish. Application URIs are too limiting. The best i could find is the device.color() and device.log(). But I dont think SignalRGB would load the device anyways as its not a present USB device…and writing/parsing logs is a poor way to share data in between different software.

Any ideas?

You could build a bridge app, others users have already done this, emulating a USB device, if you don’t want that route, you could give a try on Network service, at the moment you can do UDP protocol or HTTP request.

Thank you for the reply. Where could I find documentation or an example of these options?

The USB part is out of scope, but this is the docs for making a plugin:
If you want the service approach, we don’t have a doc yet, but take a look on a service code and you should be able to understand, services path: %localAppData%\WhirlwindFX\SignalRgb\cache\addons

Thank you. I’ll take a look. Have a great day :smile:

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were you successful in doing that? If possible, share your work so it can be used for other software. I am trying to make a bridge between signal and OpenRGB, to control my GPU.