Silverstone IceMyst AIO and IMF70 Fans

Would like to request support for the Silverstone IceMyst AIO, and also MSI X670E Carbon motherboard(I have ARGB Gen 2 Headers an dont think they work right but it could be my fans) You can install these little IMF 70 fans on the Waterblock and can install as many as will fit into your case according to Silverstone. Attached picture for what im referring to-

As I saw on a video, these uses a default RGB connector, so you just need to configure the component in the app

Do you have the actual video because im pretty sure youre thinking of something else?

The imf70s dont connect with a cable at all, they connect in the top of the AIO water block face plate and you out the top of the plate on top to secure them in, and the water block itself has an extrs PWM cable that you plug in for the power for the IMF70s and they get their ARGB signal from the 10-1 pin hookup.
Theres no regular rgb cables on the whole thing, theyre 5v 4-1pin ARGB and 4pin PWM. Thats the whole gimmick with this AIO. Its another way to cool off components on your motherboard since theres only like 3 ideas people have came up with to do that when using an AIO since its hard for case fans to get down between the RAM and SSDs.

The only configuration would be Custom Strip, and thats what the point of these forums are, to get support for devices as individual conponents.

That’s the video, could you confirm that is the same model?

It seems he’s using 5V 3pin

He is. I assumed you meant rgb, not argb, but wiht that said i mean the IMF70s.

The radiator fans daisy chain with like an 8-1 pin or 6-1 connector and come out to a pwm and 3pin argb, then the CPU Cooler has a 3pin argb, a pwm, and an opt pwm, but NO cable for the IMF70s themselves. They(IMF70s) have built in headers to link to each other, so i cant control them individually, or atleast havnt found a way. Yes they can all copy each other but i was asking support for this device to be able to have seperate effects. The IMFs will cover a nice surface area an i thought it’d be pretty cool an even made me chuckle when i thought of putting about 20 of them in a spiral to the ceiling.

The IMF70s have no cable at all, they link between the water block and the top part of the water block with headers that are built-in to them, so because of that they cant be individually addressed, unless im missing something. Thats why i was requesting support for this specific device. I hope thats more clear.

You are unable to control each fan due to hardware limitations, the IceMyst acts like a hub, which just replicates the effects to the connected components (fans, in this case), to control each one individually, the RGB Data should be able to pass across each fan, which isn’t a built-in feature on them.

Yes dude. Let me explain something to you because you apparently are unaware or trolling me. You’re talking like I have no idea how to even get a device to work with SignalRGB, like I don’t know how to plug a device into a header go on SignalRGB, go to devices, go to that component, an if not listed, find the channel it’s on, under your motherboard, pick your device from a list, an if it’s not on there, create a custom strip. That is not what this is for.

That’s why I made this post, requesting it in the feature request section of the forums. The whole point of this section is for devices like this that have their little quirks(whatever you want to call it) be supported through a scripted plugin of code that SignalRGB runs when you have said device connected an that plugin added in the settings of SignalRGB, that gets that specific plugin from a GitHub URL that you paste in there.

At first you said you watched a video an they connected through RGB connector, when they don’t, they connect through a 10-1(9) pin connector like USB.

The whole point of this section of these forums is to request that a script be wrote to run for the devices so that what you request be supported.

So again, idk if you’re just trolling me, or if you’re actually trying to help. But unless you have this AIO or you know how to code, then please kindly go away. Because as of right now, it took all of this, just to clarify to you, exactly what I stated in my first post, what this section of the forums are for, and to tell you how they actually connect, after you watched a video, and still got it wrong.

If anyone listened an did what you were saying they would be looking for an RGB cable to connect, and then would have blown or shorted out all their LEDs an possibly messed up the whole AIO, by using the Rad fan or Waterblock ARGB cable in an RGB header. Kindly, please educate yourself an don’t just go saying random stuff on a forum that is either common knowledge that you’re getting wrong an giving wrong information, or has nothing to do with it entirely an just leads right back to the beginning where they have to explain to you that they were requesting a feature in the forum section titled “Feature Request”.

You said for them to show an individual effect it has to be a feature in them, and here we are, in the feature request section of the forums, with them having different coloring on my original post.

Respectfully, please go away cause you have no idea what you’re talking about or what this section of the forums are even for. :person_shrugging::smirk:

Hi guys, I was checking this thread as you guys was talking, looks like Sky is right, I have seen 4 videos of unboxing of this device and there’s no USB connection, are you sure this device has a USB connection? Do you have one in hands? If so, send a screenshot of the usb page here

In all 4 videos, all the fans+pump replicates the color, they don’t seem to have individual control.

The image you shown is from here, right?

Video 2: ARGB 5v -

Video 3: ARGB 5v -

Video 4: ARGB 5v -

Yes i have them in my pc an its not a USB connection, its an 8-1 7 pin i mistaked for 10-1 9pin like a usb header. I know the Pump block plugs in with ARGB, i said that earlier. Thess IMF70s mount on the Pump Waterblock. The header is built into the middle part of the fan, itself. If you want i can take it off and take a pic. I’ll attach a picture of the box.

I know they dont have individual lighting control, or i havnt found a way too, thats why ive been asking for that feature in the feature request section. I thought that was what this section was for in these forums. It said if i didnt see my device on the supported device list or if i had an idea for a feature or a device to be supported i could ask here.

Oh I understand now, unfortunately, there’s no way for us to do that, its a hardware change, the manufacturer needs to make physical changes to the device, for example, on the pump pins, they need to attach a data out pins to carry the rgb data to the next device instead of replicating, those 7 pins are probably 4 PWM + 3 ARGB ones, they need to make DATA IN > DATA OUT so you can have individual control.

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Im sorry, i didnt really relay what i was talking about correctly. What my problem is is moreso that I the Gen2 Headers wil act as a controller, but i think i do recall seeing someone say that Signal doesnt support that yet, and if thats the case, then nevermind lol.

The Imf70s have individual control from the Aio Waterblock and Rad fans, but not from each other, but in Signal they stay the same as the Aio and Rad fans.

So instead i plugged the Aio up to a different header, but then I still have the problem with them copying the Waterblock since the IMFs attach to the 8pin hewdee +o the top of the bottom piece

In OpenRgb it recognizes my motherboard headers as Gen 2 Argb headers so they work the same as a controller an thats basically what i was trying to ask for support for, but i think i saw someone say Gen2 ARGB Headers hasnt been implemented in Signal yet but maybe not.

I guess what the problem is is more that Signal isnt registering the headers as a controller instead of the fans because even without the fans being supported a custom strip would still have them seperate from the AIO and Front and Rad Fans like in the attached photos.

In order, first is the Water Block with the “Lighting Cap” (or end piece or whatever you want tp call the top part) off, 2nd is me holding it with 2 fans connected together on a table an then 3rd is all of them on the Waterblock, an then i attached some more photos just help explain.

Different Lighting effects-

@GoHeadCuz Oh I see, yeah, in that case, if the device is Gen2 it should work as separates components, but we don’t have Gen2 support for motherboards yet, only controllers, example mine A1 from Coolermaster: