SignalRGB not detecting Corsair RAM and onboard LED since last update of SignalRGB


I noticed that my SignalRGB does not detect any more following elements since the last update (they don’t appear under “Devices” and are not controlled by SignalRGB) :

  1. Onboard LED of Asus ROG Strix Z370-i Gaming mainboard (remains in stastic green)
  2. Corsair Vengeance RGB RAM DDR4-3200 (remains in some default color effect)
  3. The connection to my Philips Hue was deleted

If I remember correctly, everything was still fine a few days ago when I last used my PC.

Could you please me?

I am very frustrated right now.

Best regards


UPDATE : For my Corsair RAM, there is no newer firmware I could apply. I just checked with iCue.

Diffierent hardware but exact same issue… i know the solution though but do not wish to implement …

G.Skill 2 x 16gb RGB DDR4-3600

Everything was working, configured and kept everything simple using the same single “embers” Layout.

Program updates and now the Memory RGB is “rainbow” and kinda clashes. The Bell icon said that in order to run the memory RGB, i needed to start with admin privileges. I didn’t want my bootup to be stopped by the UAC prompt and rather go back to how it was previously. The memory doesn’t appear under devices anymore.


I solved the problem by allowing Admin Access when Signalrgb starts (see settings in Signalrgb).
This made my Onboard Led Stripe and Ram reappear after a Windows restart.
Explanation: At some point, I saw a message telling me Signalrgb could not read SMBus data and Nvidia bus data, which made me adapt the admin access settings…

I think the new Version of Signal RGB messes with existing config settings. Perhaps a reset of all settings would be the best thing to do, but it is currently to annoying to me.

I hope this helps.
I can paste my Signalrgb settings when at home.

However, Signalrgb does not start automaticly anymore, although it is set to automatic startup. But that is a minor problem to me.

Best regards.


This has also occurred for my PNY RAM. Works when enabling admin privileges, but this didn’t used to have to be done prior to this update. Seems like a regression.

I have an Aorus Z390 board and Corsair Vengance RAM. My leds are not shutting down in sleep mode(they did prior to the last update).

Im having all these same probs… the sleep one I found is a setting in Signal it self which is overriding my BIOS settings, the fix for that is in signal, go to MY RIG - DEVICES and in the lightbulb [Shutdown Color] drag the two bars hard left to turn it off… BUT if you’ve lost your ram from your rig lay out that will still stay on… this is annoying AF