SignalRGB makes annoying sound

Hello, signalrgb does does duh-duh every now and then (sometimes every 15 minute, sometimes every 1 hour). Have used signalrgb for 9 months ish now w/o any problem, and the sound started just a few feeks ago. Anyone know the reason the app makes this sound? The sound disappears when I close signalrgb. The sound is similar (if not the exact) as the sound the pc makes when you open up icue, so I posted a link to the icue sound below. Anyone know what causes the sound?

This sound means a USB device has been disconnected, probably one of your devices has stopped working due being overloaded or you have some funky usb bandwidth, try check which device is failing or gone missing from Signal devices list when that happens and change that device USB port to a usb3 one if possible.