Signal slowing internet?

Sorry for the long post…

Hello, I was hoping for some help. I’ve used signal for the past year or so and love it. However the last few days I noticed my internet speeds have been all over the place. I get 1gig and when I run speed test it shoots up then will just drop. I average anywhere from 300-500. After doing every thing imaginable I had my provider come out and we changed modems and all that stuff. I would get a steady 750 over Wi-Fi but over Ethernet it would still throttle.

At some point I decided to run speed tests and closing anything running one thing at a time. Low and behold when I close signal my connection was back to a steady 950. I thought there was no way but over the last two days I’ve tested it repeatedly. When signal was closed always got 950, when it was opened back to the large dips. It is only over Ethernet though. Wi-Fi stays consistent. Ive tried playing with setting, uninstalling and reinstalling, you name it. I was hoping anyone out there had any idea of what was going on?! I really want to get this working again because I love signal since it’s the only thing really out there to sync all my devices without multiple software running.

If it helps my mobo is a MSI z590 pro gaming. I’m running Corsair vengeance pro rbg ram, nzxt kraken aio, Corsair ll fans and light strips with a nod pro. Corsair keyboard and razer mouse and headphone stand.

Thank you!