Signal RGB x SteelSeries GG

I own a SteelSeries mouse and headset and also use the integrated ‘sonar’ application which allows me to separate audio channels. When I use SignalRGB it force closes this app (which I’m fine with) however it also stops all audio as a side effect. Is there anyway to still allow the application to run but to passthrough RGB or something like this? If not, do you know of any good applications which are free and allow me to do the same thing (split game, media and voice chat)?
Also, is there any discussion on support for nanoleafs?

In SignalRGB’s setting you can choose to not automatically quit any other applications,
setting everything to black and removing all effects in the SteelSeries App should work then:

Nanoleaf panels can be used via DIY, just requires you to get a $6 Raspberry Pi Pico W
and firmware for it:

Native nanoleaf support is coming soonish. We already have it working, there just isn’t a frontend yet and it is our goal to create an open-source system for controlling wifi devices. In the meantime, @FeuerSturm’s solution is esablished and has other benefits as well if you’re a fan of DIY rgb stuff.