Signal RGB and razer synapse - Razer Viper mouse

Hi all

Up until a few days ago i have been using signal RGB with all my devices and now for some reason when signal rgb is running i cant change the DPI setting on the mouse and it automatically switches to the lowest setting making the mouse literally unusable?

I can only presume it must have been a recent update to signal rgb to cause this? Has anyone got a workaround?


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Same problem started today with my Razer DeathAdder V2.

hhhmm must be an update on signalrgb that breaks the DPI changing on razer synapse

Someone helped me over on the reddit signal rgb you need to go to devices and set them manually as per the screenshot!

I have had a problem to with my mamba elite also, it wont sync with my other rgb and it defaults to regular color cycling had dpi issue also but even when I set manually it still reset to minimum or default setting

I have the same issue when I close synapse or disable it v2.2.31. I found that under App Settings > Windows settings > “AUTOMATICALLY CLOSE CONFLICTING PROGRAMS” was enabled which meant “Razer Synapse 3” was not starting with windows.

I’m using a Razor Mamba Elite and you’re all right, this was working fine earlier now it seems to be broken in some way. I cannot figure it out because I kill Synapse and yet Signal still does not recognize the thing so I can’t apply any profiles. It’s just weird honestly.