Signal RBG not opening after instalation

I installed signal RGB the icon created itself on my desktop and the app refuses to open up. I closed all other RGB software reset my pc numerous times and nothing. Opening up as administrator doesen’t work and I’m out of ideas hence this post. Thanks in advance.

If killing srgb processes in task manager and then running the program as admin doesn’t work, the only two other causes that come to mind are

  • Your CPU doesn’t support the AVX instruction set


  • You’re using a custom windows 10/11 installation that might lack dependencies required by the app.

Barring those, devs would need to see if logs from %userprofile%\Documents\WhirlwindFX\Logs and/or dumps from %appdata%\WhirlwindFX\SignalRgb\Dumps to be able to diagnose the issue.

So , funny thing I checked everyhitng, went throught the entire FAQ, and contacted support all to no success. The logs from mentioned folders are impossible to get since the former dircetory doesen’t exist and the latter is empty. Any other ideas ?

huh that’s very weird that the installation never created any Logs folder.

maybe some AV or security suite that could be blocking the process midway?

the installer usually logs the process in %localappdata%\SquirrelTemp\SquirrelSetup.log so perhaps you can find some clues there.