Signal doesn't recognizes my be quiet components

I just bought a be quiet Pure Base 500FX and a be quiet Pure Loop 2. I use them on different controllers, but both at the delivered ones (Case at Case controller, AIO at AIO controller). But when I open SignalRGB none of them are recognized, even though the Pure Loop 2 and the Pure Base 500DX (I know that I have the FX, not the DX, but technically it has to work cause they’re the same except the delivered RGB fans which are all supported by Signal) are offically supported by Signal. All of my other components (HyperX RAM, Gigabyte GPU, Corsair mouse and keyboard) are recognized.

I disabled all of the showed components so signal doesn’t conflict with iCue/RGB Fusion.

Just make sure how the wirings are setup, the only issue I see from your screenshot is that you don’t have a supported motherboard/controller. We recommend the Razer ARGB ( with 6 ports or the Coolermaster Gen2 A1 controller ( with 3 ports.