Setting default/startup lighting

Hey there, having issues getting SignalRGB to retain a custom lighting patterns since the most recent update (signalrgb@2.3.82-beta+a8f78290). Every time Windows starts up, SignalRGB defaults to the local Neon lighting effect, whereas previously it would load a custom pattern as soon as the program started in the background.

Is there a setting that I should disable/enable so that I don’t have to open and select my preferred lighting pattern every time I start my system? Do I have to entirely remove and reinstall SignalRGB?

System info:
Ryzen 5 5500
Gigabyte 550m Aorus Elite AX
T-Force Vulcan 2x 16GB
Windows 10, v22H2
Corsair K55 RGB Elite, M65 RGB Elite (iCue disabled)
Thermaltake TL-S12 6x

Hi @BornToLose, please, send an email to attaching a screenshot from your device info (found here) and the most recent log that is at least 5KB (found here), thank you.