Set up Led´s Painted in the Led Painting Screen as a Seperate Device


So recently I set up a Goove RGBIC Pro Strip all around me basicly on all 4 walls of my room. Since its a singular 10m strip Signal only recocnizes it as One big Strip meaning all efect treat it as a Straight without the corners and stuff.

I saw that in the Led Painting screen i could mark different sections/Led´s"of said strip. And was Wondering if there is a way to turn each or little groups of those into extra Nodes for the Layout canvas.

Thanks for any Awnser.
I Hope u understand what im Askin about.


Same for me, i have a MB backplate with 35 leds (16 on the RAM side, 13 on the USB headers side and 6 on the PCI side) but it’s detected as a single strip so the effects are not very good. I don’t think there is a way to make corners but it would be usefull.