Screen Ambience too Aggressive


Been using SignalRGB for about a year and it’s been great for tying all my lighting systems together! That being said, the main reason I got it was to tie my Phillips Hue lighting in my room together with all the the other components for total Screen Ambience. They all work & detect and I’ve laid out my monitor accordingly in the layout.

However, the system isn’t very good for room lighting. It’s too “bouncy” the immediate color shifts are really jarring and I’m basically unable to use the Phillips Hue because my room feels like a disco dance floor. Is there a way to calm it down? Maybe take the majority of pixels in a hit box and slowly transition to the next color rather than an immediate rapid change? I’ve even maximized the hit boxes to try and reduce this problem. I’ve been waiting patiently for this to be fixed as I can’t be the only person with this problem. The official Phillips Hue app does a fantastic job of tackling this problem, but it just didn’t include my case lights - looking for the complete package.

Thank you,