RX 7800 XT from Gigabyte problem RGB

I have problem to control “Gigabyte” RGB logo on my RX 7800 XT.
With Gigabyte software I have no problem on manage RGB effect.

I want to use Signal RGB to manage all my RGB system, but this Gigabyte is not recognized from SIgnal RGB. I have free version.
There’s some one that can help me?

The response I got was that SignalRGB is not keen on supporting AMD hardware (not sure what the GPU has to do with the RGB control, but hey: free software comes with caveats).


So no chance that they will add AMD GPU for RGB support… that’s sad.

That’s wrong info, we WILL add AMD card support, but we don’t have and ETA yet, stay tuned for updates.

ok thanks for the feedback, if you want to start with AMD GPU i can suggest 7800 XT from gigabyte, I already post device ID :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: