Royal Kludge RK84 HELP

Hello everyone.

I need help with a problem.
According to the web, the RK84 is one of the supported products.

With SignalRGB it malfunctions intermittently and overlaps the RGB of the keyboard itself, creating a conflict.

I have the model RK84 RGB ‘‘3 modes’’
Latest version of Firmware.

Thank you all.

As far as I can see, the plugin for that keyboard was a user contribution, so I am not sure
if you’re using the same revision as the user that created the plugin.

Make sure that you have quit the original manufacturer’s software if it’s running (check task manager to be sure).

I do not understand what you mean regarding the plugin.
According to the SignalRGB website it says that RK84 is compatible.
The RK soft is not running or in the background.
I don’t see any related services or processes in task manager.
I suspect that the internal programming of the keyboard creates a conflict in SignalRGB.

Thank you.

It turns out that the plugin for that keyboard is broken and not working correctly and has to be rewritten.
So as of now, it cannot work correctly until one of the plugin devs finds time to fix it.

Sorry for the bad news.

Thanks for the bad news.
At least now I know I’m not doing anything wrong, or that the keyboard is faulty.
If it’s not a bother, could you provide me with information about the plug-in and the creator?

You can findd the plugin in your
%localappdata%\VortxEngine\app-2.2.28\Signal-x64\Plugins\Royal Kludge\
folder, you can open that with any text editor.


The author would be “Mizzen” in this case, maybe you can get in touch with him on
the official SignalRGB Open Beta Discord server:

Thank you so much. I’ll try.


I downloaded the edited plugin from user ‘‘Elite’’ (on Discord support), (original plugin by user ''Mizzen"), and it worked for me. PID of my keyboard “0059”.
I’m posting the file in case it can help someone, until SignalRGB solves the problem.

Overwrite in the following path: %localappdata%\VortxEngine\app-2.2.28\Signal-x64\Plugins\Royal Kludge
(make a backup of the original file).

Good luck and regards!