RGB Splitters vs Hubs

There are multiple different ways to connect devices to RGB controllers or motherboard RGB headers. Each method has its own attributes which will impact the behavior of your connected RGB devices.

RGB Splitters

RGB splitters are simple, passive devices that simply copy the lighting to all connected devices. This means that you will not be able to control the lighting on these devices separately, and each device will display the exact same pattern. Many generic / low cost RGB fan kits include RGB splitters. Some types of RGB fans must be used with the hub they came with, while others can function when attached to splitters. RGB splitters are also often used to connect different types of devices to the same header. Use of RGB splitters is not recommended.

RGB Hubs

RGB hubs are active devices that divide an RGB signal into separate sections for each device. This allows you to have independent control of each LED on each device connected to the RGB hub. RGB hubs usually connect to your computer via internal USB. RGB hubs are recommended for optimal lighting effect performance.