RGB on Hub in BeQuiet 500 FX Case


I just built a new pc in the BeQuiet 500FX case I have all my fans plugged into the hub and then the hub’s RGB plugged into the ARGB header in the motherboard. All of the rgb from all my fans all come up under one device in SiganlRGB is there a way to individually control the layout for each fan inside of SignalRGB?

Yes, using components. There’s a good explainer here, about 30 seconds in:

I did see that. The only component I see is one for my mother board. I added the BeQuiet Fans to channel one and it changes all of the fans to red and when I try a different channel nothing happens with the fans. There also isn’t a component for fan hub from the case that I have plugged into the aRGB header.r

It’s just a hub, so controlling each fan individually is not possible with it.

You will need to replace the hub with a supported lighting controller like a Razer Chroma ARGB Controller and connect the fans to that.

I was going to ask the same question about this case, thanks for answering.

Quick follow up; if I were to replace the hub with a controller like your suggestion, would I then have a button on the front of the case that doesn’t do anything? Would I have any possibility of rewiring that?

If you connect everything to a controller instead, the button indeed doesn’t have any function anymore.

If you know what you are doing, you can probably use it for something else.


Quick follow up; I have looked and it seems the front button just has a standard 2 pin connector, so in theory I could repurpose it to a reset button if I wanted to.

Are there any ARGB controllers out there that are controllable from the front panel? I don’t know if it is a common use case to repurpose the reset button for this kind of thing.

If not, are there any other good suggestions for what to do with it?

(I appreciate this is not strictly a SignalRGB question anymore)

Using the front panel button to control the lighting kind of defeats the purpose
of getting an ARGB Controller for using it with SignalRGB.

I don’t see why you couldn’t use it as a reset button, might need some modification though.

What exactly are you hoping to accomplish with the frontpanel button? Turn the lights on and off? Cycle effects? I suppose you could use an arduino set up as a hid keyboard device, connect the button, and set it to send obscure keystrokes or something. At that point you could use a macro to do whatever you want with the reset button.