Resume from sleep odd colors and no fan lighting

I have a Corsair Lighting Node Pro, 6 Corsair LL120 fans, Crucial Ballistix RAM, a Corsair iCue H115i RGB Pro XT CPU cooler and an Asus rog Strix x570-e gaming motherboard on W11 Pro.

When the system recovers from sleep the fans don’t recover. Restarting Signalrgb doesn’t seem to do anything. A full system restart will resolve the issue. Additionally, the coloring effects for the motherboard and RAM also seem incorrect after recovering from sleep. However, when I adjust the customization in Signalrgb it seems to resolve the coloring of the motherboard.

I do have the Reinitialize Devices on System Resume on currently, I’ve not tried turning this off.

This is a known issue and still work in progress, there’s no fix yet unfortunately, but it’s being worked on.