Recurring issue with "Controlled Folder Access"

I have “Controlled Folder Access” enabled in “Windows Security” , this is on Windows 11. This causes WIndows Security to block SignalRGB when it’s accessing the ~\Documents\WhirlwindFX folder each time a new version is installed. Adding an exception for SignalRgb.exe works fine, for a while, but the problem is the way you do updates. Each time a new version is installed it will be blocked again, and a new exception have to be added to “Windows Security”.

The root cause of this is the way you do updates, where every new version is installed in it’s own sub-folder in %userprofile%\AppData\Local\VortxEngine. SInce an exception for “Controlled Folder Access” only can be granted to a file, the annoying result is that this has to be done for every new version of SingalRGB. And when you get beta updates that can be quite often, or at least so often that it becomes a real nuisance.

Disabling “Controlled Folder Access” is not an option, it works well and is pretty light on system resources.

Now could you please change your install location so that the final folder for a new update is the same predictable location every time SingalRGB is updated?

You can still keep versions in sub-folders, just move/rename the current folder to something that does not change between versions. This is how “everybody else” are doing it, and it would eliminate the issue.

Thanks for considering! :slight_smile:

This is how Squirrel does versioning, unfortunately we can’t change that at the moment, but I’ll let the team know.

An example is Discord which also uses Squirrel:

Thanks for responding!

A major difference between SingnalRGB and Discord is that Discord do not write to the “Documents” folder…

Anyhow, if you move the app date out of the “Document” folder and into %appdata% instead (where in my opinion it belongs in the first place), this would not be an issue either.

I’m careful with and sceptical to anything that wants to access my “Documents” folder, and there is no reason why windows app should store their data there instead of following Microsoft guidelines and store such data in %appdata%