Razer Cobra Pro Wireless Mouse

SignalRGB only recognizes my cobra pro whenever I have it plugged into my pc and not when I am using it wireless. Is it not supported in the wireless form yet? And if not, is that something that is coming in the near future? I see it on the supported devices list, but with an asterisk.

It should work on wireless too, can you send a screenshot of the usb page when you have it on wireless?


Thank you for getting back to me. Here is the screenshot of my USB Devices.

hello @SvddenLift, we need the USB capture of it, please follow the instructions below:

1- Install Wireshark and the USBPcap module
2- Start capturing your USB
3- Open the manufacturer’s software
4- Select the mode to change the device zones to a single color and the color we want is Light Blue: #2FACED
5- Optionally set a single zone or key to one of those colors while the rest is black
6- Close the manufacturer’s software
7- Stop the capture on Wireshark and save the capture
8- Create a new Issue tracker and attach the capture file along with the device info: Issues · SignalRgb / Signal Plugins · GitLab

@SvddenLift We don’t support mouse paired into the Dock Pro yet, but we are working on it.