Razer Chroma question

Hi there

I’m a new user to Signal RGB. At the moment, I have been using it with Lian Li’s Infinity fans, however, that will change tomorrow, as I am bored of them.

Instead, I’ve bought a bunch of Phantek’s D30 aRGB fans and a Razer Chroma controller to hook them up with.

I don’t use any Razer components, I simply bought it for controlling the fan’s RGB with Signal - it was recommended to me.

Do I need to install Razer’s synapse software for any kind of configuration first? It’s not a software I particularly want hanging around on my system, so if it’s just for updating the firmware of the controller firmware first, or any other config, I would be happy to delete it afterwards.


You don’t need the Synapse at all. Just plug the controller and setup components on Signal for it.

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