Razer Balistik V3 PRO and DOCK Pro

Hello @all,
I bought a Razer Basilisk V3 Pro which works perfectly with SignalRBG in wired or wireless USB dongle mode.
I bought the Razer Mouse Dock Pro which is also very well recognized.
The problem is that if I connect my Razer Basilisk V3 Pro to the Mouse Dock Pro (and I don’t use the usb dongle anymore), my Mouse Dock Pro is well recognized but not my Razer Basilisk V3 Pro (it doesn’t display anymore ><)

(I removed “Synapse” to test but it is the same)

If you have a solution I take!
Thank you!

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Yeah, mouse dock pro pairing isn’t supported yet but it’s planned. Since I have both and a bit of experience I hope I’'ll be able to help device developer when he can squeeze it in with the rest of the stuff on his plate.

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OK! Thanks for the info.
I was a bit lonely xD
I find that Synapse is not good for the Balistik V3 Pro because when the mouse comes out of standby, the scroll wheel clicks slightly. While with SignalRgb it doesn’t, and with SignalRgb there’s probably a way to have the battery icon more accessible I think.
Anyway, I’m used to SignalRgb with this mouse but it doesn’t work anymore with the Dock ><.
Thank you!

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Yeah I have the same issue, the Dock Pro syncs & illuminates perfectly, while the basilisk pro v3 does not.
Also hope the keyboards are expanded, for the RGB kinesis boards, being one of the best I’ve used. Voted this up!

Same thing here. Using Dock Pro and Basilisk v3 pro. :smiling_face_with_tear:

I have the same issue. SignalRGB team, Please fix this.

Has there been any resolution to this?

We are working on this, stay tuned for updates.


I am looking forward to a fix for this. Everything works well, besides the mouse being paired with the pro dongle.