Product does not move when loading the layouts

hello when I load a layout some of my products like my corsair fans do not move is there a way to correct this problem?

First time seeing this, can you confirm by trying to save with same name to overwrite and test?

I already done that multiple Times and it doesn’t change anything

And it more than likely can’t be fixed just like my Corsair K100 which is on the compatablity list freezing up when play Diablo 4 whit the SignalRGB program running I did the logging and everything that they so called support team asked for and no response back from them and this was after paying for the year the support for the program sux carp and I want my money back on my credit card and I strongly suggest that if you paid for it do the same as I now looking to get a lawyer to help out

Non i don’t have the pro version son i don’t need a lawyer

@ALEXM Would you be able to send a video about that issue so I can create a tracker for it? Have you tried a beta build?

That only happens on D4? I don’t remember a ticket about that exact issue, if you want a refund, just send us a email about it on

I think i solved it somehow, I deleted some layout profile and now it work, this is weird.
i’ll keep you updated if it happen again.

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Not to be a butt head or whatever but I do hope that was a typo with the son bit as I’m more than likely a lot older than you thing sir

:rofl: yeah it was a typo