Problems trying to control my Gigabyte RTX4070 Aours Master

I have ben trying but with verry little succes to control the RGB on my gpu (Gigabyte RTX4070 Aours Master).
It seems to only work sometimes, but i can’t figure out what and why is differrent when SignalRGB manages to control the lights.
Most of the time, the GPU will be shown in the “Devices” list but no matter what I set it to, the lights stay on the default settings (random colors).
After i installed RGB Fusion from GIGABYTE on top of SignalRGB, the led somehow “unlocked” and were accesible and modifyable from the SignalRGB app. This went well until i rebooted my pc. After that i couldn’t get them to work again.
uninstalling and reinstalling the apps only works sometimes.