PNY 3070 XLR8 not showing

I read the compatible devices and my GPU should be working fine, but I can’t seem to see it in my app. I’m not used to controlling the RGB in my PC but I’ll guess there’s a problem here? Any help please?

Devs are probably missing your specific GPU IDs as shown in the bottom part of Device Information menu (SignalRGB must be running for that link to work). Devs will need yours to be able to try and add it, so pls screenshot that part and post it here.

Thanks for the fast response! Sure, let me get you a screenshot.

Try this:

It detect it and does change the general lightning, but can’t seem to make it change colors gradually like it’ does by default, it just change colors instantly when looking it in the layout section. It’s progress definetly! Thanks you!

Unfortunately that’s the extent of what the firmware on those cards will allow our devs to control. If the manufacturer were to release firmware updates to allow full direct control addressability they’d update the plugins, but for now that’s the expected behavior.