Philips Hue + philips Hue Gradient Lightstrip RGBW

i am using RGB signal with philips HUE bridge.
No installation problem, the bridge is recognized.
On this bridge are connected 2 LED strips (2 x 6 meters) (2 x Base Philips Hue Gradient Lightstrip RGBW 20 W 1800 lm 2 m + 8 x Extension Philips Hue Gradient Lightstrip RGBW 12.3 W 1000 lm 1m).

Capture device:

Capture Layout:

The problem
The led strips act as simple lamps with a uniform color change.
There is no color variation over the length of the strips, the colors change evenly depending on the layout.
The question
Is there a way to have a ‘‘progressive’’ color variation along the length of the strips?

using the philips application, I have presets allowing me to make these variations (it’s nice), but the philips software does not allow me to manage all of my configuration.

Thanks in advance for your help and information.
I don’t speak English, I used a translation hoping you understand, thank you.