Philips Hue manual IP input

Searched for Hue topic but can’t find one on this, so here’s this post.

I’m wondering if there is a way to manually input the IP address of the Philips Hue controller in SignalRGB rather than having it being detected automatically. I understand you need to be in the same network range (e.g. for both PCs and the Hue Bridge. However, I segregate out my IOT devices and computers (I believe there may be others who do this as well) with devices in the internal network can talk to the IOT devices, but not vice-versa. And while I could just move the Hue controller to the internal VLAN, it would be great if this is possible (even if it’s through a “config.ini” file somewhere).

As of now this only works when the Hue Bridge is on the same network, no way around this currently.
This might or might not change in the future.

Aah, gotcha. Guess I’ll have to do it the hacky way then. I managed to get it to work by connecting to the IoT network via Wifi while connected to the internal network via LAN, though it still gets undetected once in a while. I’ll leave it as it is then. Hopefully this is changed in the future.