PC running warmer after installing SignalRGB (Corsair iCUE H100i)

Hey guys how’s it going? I recently finished building a new PC build and I love how SignalRGB eliminates multiple programs and does everything in just one. I’ve noticed two things however. The first is that while SignalRGB is running, my computer is running 15-20 degrees warmer on average (previously it used to idle around 42 degrees celsius and now it’s around 55-60 at idle). The second is that my computer used to be dead quiet before, and now randomly the fans will kick in for a few seconds before quieting down again… it appears for whatever reason the temperature spikes up to around 70-80 degrees for a few seconds before dropping again.

Both of these things never used to happen prior to SignalRGB being installed (I was able to confirm it’s SignalRGB because when I quit the program my CPU instantly drops back down to around 42 degrees give or take and the fans no longer kick in randomly at a higher speed).

I’m running a Ryzen 5 7600X on a Gigabyte B650 Aorus Elite AX motherboard with 32GB (2 x16 gb) RAM from G Skill (Trident Z DDR5-6000) and a Corsair iCUE H100i cooler with 6 fans in total in my PC case (including the 2 on the cooler). I was utilizing Corsair iCUE (fans), Razer Synapse (mouse), GSkill RGB (RAM), and Kingston Hyper X (Keyboard) software previously to control all my RGB and fan related stuff.

Any suggestions or is this maybe a known issue? It’s not like 60 degrees is hot but it’s still a lot warmer than 42 degrees at idle. The fans ramping up every few min due to random temp spikes is more annoying than the warmer idle temps.

Thanks in advance!

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As SignalRGB uses AVX for all kind of calculations, it’s normal to see an increase in temps
as utilizing AVX causes the CPU to get warmer.

You temp difference of 15-20°C is out of bounds for sure though, it’s just a handful of degrees increase
for me using a Ryzen 7 5800X, so I’d suspect it might be a problem of the still relatively new 7000 series of AMD CPUs (just my personal guess).

Using the latest BIOS and chipset drivers might ease that, not sure though, I’ll bring it to the devs attention.

Do you see an increase in CPU use that corresponds to the temperature increase?

Thank you both for replying I appreciate it!

I’m currently using the latest chipset drivers and bios so I don’t think that’s it.

Matt: CPU utilization is pretty much 0% at idle so I don’t think that’s it. Every so often I get these random spikes where the CPU utilization jumps up and then I get a corresponding jump in CPU temps (between 70-80 degrees for a few seconds) and the fans ramp up before the cpu temps come back down to the idle temp of 60 degrees (and 0% cpu utilization). The idle temp is a lot higher than what it used to be at (around 42 degrees) prior to me using SignalRGB.

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Spikes could bump temps. How often do you see CPU spikes, and is it SignalRGB that is spiking? Do you use any other lighting or monitoring software? Are you free or pro? (only matters because pro has a few more subsytems we could examine)

If you are a pro user, try logging out and seeing if you still see temp lift or spikes.

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The spikes happen every few min give or take. I’m using the pro version. I uninstalled all the other lighting software I was using before (icue/HyperX/Razer synapse/g skill RGB). I have gigabyte control centre which has fusion rgb still installed however it isn’t set to run at startup. (I keep it as it detects when there’s driver or bios updates so I run it every now and then to check).

The other monitoring software I have installed is Core Temp (runs at startup) and cpu-Z (not running at startup).

When I get home I’ll try logging out and I’ll update this post if that resolves the temp issues/spikes.

Thank you!

We share access to CPU temp registers with those other pieces of software through operating system mutexes. You could try shutting down CPU-Z and Core Temp completely, and see if the problem goes away. The shared stuff is pretty new, so make sure you’ve got the recent versions of all your other monitoring tools. For everything to work as it should, SignalRgb/Cpu-Z/Core Temp all need to use these OS mutexes. I know our guys were chatting with devs at a few of those places.

So I just got in and signed out; that solved the problem! Upon signing out the CPU temp instantly dropped down to 42 degrees again! And when I sign in again the temps still stay around 42-45 degrees! So that solves that problem.

The random temp spikes also seems to have fixed itself too for the most part upon signing back in. It spiked twice to 70-80 degrees in the last 20 min or so; before it would do it every 2-3 min give or take.

You’ve fixed my problem with this workaround so I’m thankful for that; thank you! I guess there’s potentially some sort of bug with signalrgb upon startup when you’re signed in?

Thanks again!

So I wanted to come back and update this; the temperature increase was not due to signing in and out; I realized that my effects somehow changed. The reason for the temperature increase is due to the plasma effect. When I use that effect the temperature of my cpu jumps up to 60 degrees at idle. When I switch it to the rainbow effect it drops back down to 42-45 degrees.

Should the plasma effect be causing such an increase in CPU temps?

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Sorry for the late reply - it has been a busy few weeks! Some lightscripts/effects are more resource intensive than others, so that makes perfect sense. Plasma uses a bunch of math to generate blobs, I think. (I didn’t write it)

There are lots of available effects and looks, and all of them are built a little bit differently. Rainbow is a good baseline test - it doesn’t do much. :slight_smile:

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